Sat-Lite Technologies

Welcome to Sat-Lite Technologies.
We are an agile and innovative company specializing in the design
and manufacture of antenna products for the satellite communications industry.

Sat-Lite Technologies has quickly established a strong reputation for delivering antennas and equipment
of the highest quality and reliability.

Our customers can count on our relentless and passionate efforts to provide them with superior products and services.

Vehicle Mount SNG Antennas


Peloris antennas offer high performance solutions via a full range
of RF bands and integration ...

More information: Vehicle Mount SNG
Vehicle Mount VSAT Antennas


Novus antennas offer connectivity solutions via broadband voice, video, data, and/or internet protocol ...

More information: Vehicle Mount VSAT
Flyaway SNG Antennas


Agilis antennas offer high performance transportable solutions in an elegantly simple ...

More Information:  Flyaway SNG
Flyaway VSAT Antennas


Celero antennas offer transportable solutions in a cost effective and easy-to-assemble modular kit.

More Information: Flyaway VSAT Products


The days of endlessly searching the sky with your flyaway antenna are over.

More about Flyaway Accessories
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